giovedì 6 ottobre 2011

"Il mio sogno è diventare un padrone"

Ieri notte è morto Steve Jobs.
Linkiesta pubblica un articolo e un video sulla fabbrica cinese dove fanno l'Iphone.

Dreamwork China (ita) from Cineresie on Vimeo.

Apple outsources its labor to China's most horrible factories, and abuses at one in particular stand out: The Foxconn Factor in Shenzhen, China. Here, some workers as young as 12 years old were forced to work for extended periods of time to meet increased demand for iPhones and iPads from all over the world. As popularity increased for Apple devices, workers were pushed to work longer. Workers ages 18-20 were being forced to work 60-80 hours of extended overtime every month in cramped, low-quality conditions. They were being treated like the very machines they were being forced to produce.

Inhumane treatment of workers first came to light when seven workers at the Foxconn plant committed suicide in May 2010. They were working on the iPad production sector. After these suicides, workers were required to sign a statement that says they are not allowed to commit suicide.

via: The Other Steve Jobs: Censorship, Control and Labor Rights.

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