venerdì 21 settembre 2007

An age of creative generosity

It's maybe one of the most intriguing articles ever written about zooppa: The Contest as Fuel for Creativity.

The author doesn't simply report our model, but tries to focus zooppa asset in the growing market of User Generated Advertsing. Points out what she/he holds as our differences (Zooppa as a "friendly intermediary" between companies and a "gullible guy or gal that gets creative knickers around the world in a bunch") and many others examples of "brands engaging their audience".

"Zooppa - she/he writes - doesn’t exist simply to host contests and pass money from one party to the other, with some of it staying in their hands. Zooppa is fully invested in the process and in kick starting its community. This is cleverly embodied by a screaming, long-haired, heavy-accented dude that goes by the title of BigZooppa".

Of course, I totally agree about what follows: "BigZooppa is not only the face of the web site, he is probably the most effective Art Director I have seen in a long time".

The part about the possibility of submitting concept has to 
be reported in its feature-length: 
"A feature that blew my mind and where I conceded that Zooppa was on to something unique. The ideation and concept phase of any project can be one of the most arduous and is what (I think) separates the great from the good. And here you have a public brainstorm session available to anyone willing to rollover an image (which serve as mini moodboards). Granted, this is not a rigorous process and some of the ideas are not groundbreaking, but neither advertising nor graphic design have ever embraced an open source approach. On the contrary, being secretive and protective is the only way to keep an edge over the competition. With the tools of the trade now widely available and embraced, it was down to our intellect and imagination to separate us from those dreaded amateurs, but when this part of the process is served free, then we might start running into trouble. Oddly enough, in its laid back attitude, Zooppa feels harmless. And wildly entertaining."

Conclusions? According to the author: "People want to create, they just need an excuse". Each contest is that excuse. The whole zooppa is maybe a big big excuse.  "Contests are just an incentive. Do the means justify the end?". An easy answer to me...

Quoting the author the last time: "We are experiencing an age of creative generosity that should be absorbed and enjoyed not marginalized and feared"!

As our zoopper Voilàzooppa ends each one of his comments on zooppa (such as the interview we made him): "Enjoy zooppa".

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